Mobile Gateways

The iQsim M100 IP/GSM gateway

offers up to 8 GSM Channels in a 1U low footprint format. M100 GSM gateways can be deployed at customer  premises such as retail outlets, small offices, colocations and residential environments.

  • iQsim M100 Gateway side
  • iQsim M100 Gateway back
  • SIM Management solution for Call Termination

Combined  with  iQsim  SIM  Server  technology, they  offer  the  ideal solution for distributed cali and/or SMS termination.

iQsim M100 Gateways Benefits

Installation within 2 minutes!

Connect  an Ethernet  cable, a power  cord  and the  M100  gateway is ready to be used. The entire configuration is centralized  on the IRON SIM Server. The M100 is immediately ready to accept ca lis and/or  SMS and route them to the mobile network.

No compromised on Quality!

The Voice quality  Level combined  with  the  fast Post Dial Delay (PDD) maximizes the Average Cali Duration  (ACD) to provide  end-users good service  Quality.  The  iQsim  M100  gateway  embeds state-of-the-art GSM engines as weil as a unique voice-detection technology to provide optimal voice quality and fast service routing.

«SIM Server Ready» for Flexibility and Security

Mobile  Gateways M100  are deployed  SIM-Iess. Once installed in their locations, they connect themselves  to the IRON SIM Server to receive SIM cards. This offers the flexibility to use any SIM card onto any GSM port  at any time  and also to  store  ali SIM cards in a secured  place avoiding loss or theft.

SIM Management solution for Call Termination

iQsim SIM Management solution consists of 3 entities:

  • IRON Suite or IRON SIM Server One which provides appliances to manage SIM control, SIM routing and SIM protection,
  • SIM Racks, SIM cards storage units,
  • Mobile  Gateways,  GSM  or  3G connectivity.

All components communicate with each other through TCP/IP and can be dispersed in different locations and countries.

IRON Suite manages SIM cards on behalf of the gateway. It allocates the most appropriate SIM card to each GSM port of the gateway. The device will then access the SIM card information over IP by establishing a direct link to the SIM Rack.

The IRON Suite solution routes IP to GSM calls to individual SIM cards once the call has been qualified and accepted. In addition, it centralizes communication between the gateway and all IRON Suite components.

Ethernet 10/100 Mbps, TCP/IP protocol
GSM/3G Channels 4 or 8
Frequencies GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
VOIP Up to 8 simultaneous calls. IRON Suite or IRON SIM Server One required
VOIP CODECs G.711, A-Law/µ-Law, G.723.1, G.729, G.729a, G.729ab
False Answer Supervision (FAS) Tones, Ringing, Voice Mail announcement advanced detection controlled