SIM Server & Applications

SIM cards storage for better SIM Management

iQsim SIM Rack is a 2U hot-swap chassis which allows you to manage up to 256 SIM cards. It can be fitted with up to 16 SIM boards, each containing up to 16 SIM cards. SIM Racks are an effective solution for centralizing SIM cards in order to swap them quickly and easily according to your business needs.

SIM Racks
  • Optimize SIM traffic usage
  • Optimized PDD (Post Dial Delay)
  • Protect existing soft switch investment by using standard protocols
  • Independent of VoIP signaling protocols
  • Advanced call management incl. priority of SIM status
  • QoS-based routing
  • High throughput and scalable  – traffic load remains on soft switch which is carrier grade entity
  • Highly integrated call management for TELES MGC & iSWITCH
  • Based on open standard RADIUS
  • Supports up to 12,000 SIMs
  • Supports up to 4,000 simultaneous call

Key Features

  • Remote SIM access over IP
  • Hot swappable SIM Rack board
  • Up to 256 SIM cards in a 2U rackable chassis
  • Support GSM SIM and USIM cards
  • SIM Storage capacity for Call & SMS Termination
  • IP connection monitoring
  • Dynamic IP reconnection


A SIM Rack board contains up to 16 SIM cards. Thanks to the SIM Rack hot-swap capability, they can be inserted/removed at any time during operations.

SIM Rack boards auto-detect 3V and 5V SIM cards.


The iQsim IRON Suite is capable of managing 100,000+ SIM cards simultaneously (+400 units).

SIM Racks management is done centrally through the IRON Suite web interface.