Call Termination

What is Call Termination or Wholesale Termination?

High and standardized international communication rates drive operators worldwide to search around for competitive advantages in order to offer better rates to the market.

To achieve this goal, one of their most critical levers is to reduce call termination costs to local mobile networks in the various territories that they have in their offering portfolio.

You are about to discover a technology which will allow you to offer Wholesale Termination to these international operators through SIM Management solutions showing exceptional SIM capacity, allocation, and protection, as well as very high QoS.

iQsim has the industry's leading solution in the call termination business, and more precisely in SIM Management Solutions with SIM Server technology and we are delighted to introduce you to our IRON Suite products.

iQsim Call Termination offer

The iQsim IRON Suite provides everything you need to offer a professional call termination to your customers.

The IRON Suite contains different components, each having a dedicated role :
The IRON SIM Manager controls SIM cards allocation to GSM devices based on advanced rules and manages SIM cards price plans. You have also an advanced protection of your SIM cards by simulating intelligent events on the flow of terminating calls to SIM cards.
The IRON Service Controller provides innovative functions by centralizing key routing decision based on dynamic information learned over the time.



  • Easy and powerful web based managementIRON SIM Manager
  • Multi-criteria allocation rules by SIM card plans
  • SIM travel simulation
  • Feature-Rich : TopUp, Credit Synchronization
  • Advanced Price Plan and Call Rating Management
  • Redundant & Scalable solution for 100000 SIMs and more
  • Prepaid SIM card management


  • Random/Unpredictable Simulation
  • SMS/Call/Voice Box query management
  • SIM Manager web interface
  • Integrated with SIM Manager price plans
  • Web based dashboard

IRON Service Controller FOR CALL ROUTING

  • Real time GSM ports status visibility
  • Ease deployment and administration of GSM gateways
  • Whitelisting and Blacklisting management
  • Auto-learning capabilities
  • Support H.323 and SIP simultaneously
  • Mobile portability number management
  • Central CDR's collection

GSM Gateways

  • GSM gateway: up to 16 GSM channels, compatible with all GSM frequencies and UMTS
  • SIM Free
  • SIM Management by IRON SIM Manager
  • Supports H.323 and SIP simultaneously
  • Supports Dynamic IP


  • Hot-swapable
  • Up to 256 SIMs
  • 16 SIM Boards
  • 16 SIM Cards each


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